apple pie

Getting ready for Thanksgiving- yum!

shelf makeover

This is a shelf makeover we did a little while ago- it was pretty easy, but really helped to brighten up our kitchen.   The shelf was a mustard yellow which we painted over with a tinted gray primer and then a lovely turquoise.  I used Incredi-tape to adhere the map sections, placing a strip along the edges of the paper and a few small strips in the middle of each section.  Incredi-tape is my favorite double-sided tape- it's very strong, acid-free, paper-backed and comes in different widths.

Imus and Molly

Here's a commissioned painting that I finished over the summer of two wonderful doggies.  Imus is an older German Shepherd mix and Molly is a young Black Lab mix.  I worked from a photograph, but it helped to know the dogs' personalities firsthand.  I'm planning some more pet portraits, I'll give you a peek when I get started on them.  Also, if you are interested in a pet portrait for yourself or as a gift for someone, let me know- I love to do commissions!

in progress

still in progress

finished =)

holiday cards

Here's a peek at the holiday cards I'm's nice to be named Joy around the holidays. =)
I'll show you when they're finished, and I'll probably be listing some in my etsy store next week.


We have a three season porch that I used as my little studio in the spring, summer, and early fall.  Now that it's getting into the freezing temperatures, it's usually too cold to work out there, so I moved my work table and the supplies that I don't want to freeze inside.  I still do oil painting on the porch because there is some ventilation and I don't want the fumes inside the the house- I just have to bundle up!




Now that it's gray and cold and snow is upon us, I'm already thinking about summer!  I was looking back through photos from this past summer and they brought back some good memories...

1. cookouts, gold flip-flops, and coral toes

2. brilliant sunsets

3. fireworks by boat

4. freshly gathered eggs

5. wildflowers

6. cats and chickens

7. baby goats

8. baby goats and their mamas

9. making terrariums

10. pressing flowers

11. vintage bathing suits

12. gathering fallen birch bark

13. mossy rocks

14. trees with heart-shaped holes

15. shell collections

16. milkshake parties

17. walking the high line

18. doggies

19. gorgeous weddings that end with bonfires and s'mores