Lately, I've been working on some small collage pieces for fun...this is a finished one.  I have so many clippings and bits of paper that I figured I needed to start using them, and it can be soothing to cut out all the little detailed areas.  After we moved I was arranging my art stuff and came across a plastic bin of miscellaneous paper and images.  It wasn't a large bin but the lid almost wouldn't close because it was starting to overflow, so I decided to organize everything by categories and some sub-categories.  Now if I'm looking for something specific, I can find it easily, or just flip through the folders for inspiration.

There's still a big miscellaneous folder up front =).  In the back, you can kind of see some of my grandmother's old sewing files from when she was a home-ec teacher.  She retired before I was around (she's 99!), and I love having her old files.  They're useful too- each folder is labeled with a sewing technique and inside the folder is an actual example of that technique.

Yes, I'm an organization enthusiast, and I guess I know where I got it from.  Thank you Grandma! =)

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  1. Those sewing files are awesome! And those whales, beautiful, I love you use of maps!