another map makeover

Here's another good way to make use of old maps.  We got this ikea bureau from friends who were moving out of state and didn't need to take it with them.  I was thinking about painting it, but ended up not wanting to go to the trouble. The top drawer originally had a glass panel that was broken and removed at some point.  I fitted the empty space with foam core and then cut up an old atlas book and used glue dots to adhere four overlapping pages to the front of the drawers.  I especially liked these maps because of the interesting combination of pinks and blues.  The map hanging over the bureau is of the clans of Scotland that I found at a library book sale.


  1. This is brilliant! What a great idea! I have some old chest of drawers that are in need of a make over and I may go down this route! I just stopped by your blog to say 'hi', I'm on the creative thursday ecourse too.. Hope you have a great weekend :-)

  2. Very cool! It looks great! I love the blue, too.