Lazuli Bunting

This is a project that I did for a class.  The assignment was to depict a bird of our choosing, and make a 3 section tunnel book incorporating some of the facts we learned through researching the bird, such as coloring, habitat, and behavior.  I chose the lazuli bunting because I love turquoise blues.  We only did 3 sections but you could do many more and make it pretty elaborate.  The hard part was deciding which layer to start with.  All the paper that I used I had decorated in class using techniques like splatter painting, blowing paint through a straw, droppering water then paint onto the paper, scraping the paint with different items, etc...  When I sat down to get started I had a whole stack of papers to sort through and find the color and/or pattern that I needed.  I was happy to find a sheet that looked like mountains, which worked really well for the background.  That one was made by squirting paint onto a brayer and then rolling it onto the paper, then doing it again with a different color, and so forth.  I'm going to see how it looks when I scan the piece in flat, and I may be offering prints of it =).

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous. You should offer prints, and make some more! What a fabulous way to come up with an image :-)